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PERSUASION: a life skill that’s not just for salespeople

With over 60% of our day spent interacting with others, the ability to persuade people in business and in our personal lives is an increasingly important skill.  A skill that can help executives direct and motivate while also guiding teams to work more cohesively.

Mastering persuasion is not just for salespeople, it’s a life skill.  One that most salespeople are particularly good at.  But also, one that science has proven reaches all of us on a behavioral level.  It can help guide children at home, strengthen a team in the office and improve leadership skills.

When practiced ethically, persuasion leads to genuine long term trust, connectivity and improved performance.

What Our Client’s are Saying

“Thank you for a brilliant, thought provoking and inspiring presentation. Your interactive style and humor really connected and achieved more than I could have imagined.”
Jarrod Cady, High Impact Communications
“Thanks David, you really nailed it! Everyone here is still talking about your presentation
and how we can use it.”
Stephen Holleran, IPRG
“David is absolutely inspiring to work with. He asks the right questions and challenges you to look at the bigger picture, to create a powerful road-map for achieving your goals.”
Sahar Irwin, Results, LLC
I have your Create the YES card on my desk now, so that I will not forget of your speech and the learning I received. Thanks, it was a great speech.
Łukasz Paluszkiewicz , BD Medical Devices

What separates us from the rest?

To serve as a scientifically based, professional resource to improve organizational and individual performance.
Our Clients:  Create amazing experiences.

Our Work:  Be on the cutting edge.

Ourselves:  Not take ourselves too seriously.

Based on years of research and testing, personal and organizational performance thrive in an ethically created “YES” culture.

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Powerful Keynote Presentations

Customized to each audience, David’s presentations are engaging and empowering.  They are based on cutting edge research, infused with memorable stories and loaded with proven take-a-ways that can be used the moment you leave your seat.

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Proven Training Methods

Create the YES workshops are fun, focused and highly interactive!  A mix of proven science, personal insights and audience participation allows us to concentrated on  issues relevant to increase performance. We want to teach a person to fish, not just feed them with a laundry list of ideas that they can’t use later on.

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Corporate Consulting

In a global marketplace, corporations are always looking for that one advantage to set them apart.  A trend, in the last decade, has been to look to employees.  J.W. (Bill) Marriott said “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers.”

By creating a Yes Culture,  in the workplace has been proven to improve performance and lead to a smooth running office.